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Exodia OS is a highly customized Arch-based Linux distribution built for and by cybersecurity experts, and also for daily usage, capable of performing the strongest pentests and the simplest daily tasks. Even if you're not a cybersecurity fanatic, you'll come to love Exodia OS for it's aesthetically pleasing interface, tools, and features. Overall, Exodia OS is a great distro choice for programming and development, operations security, OSINT, and of course daily usage.

Proudly developed in Egypt ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฌ by Cyb3rTh1eveZ Team.


  • Exodia OS Comes with BSPWM (a tiling window manager) and 20 tailor-made fancy Themes.
  • Cybersecurity tools are preinstalled on Exodia OS, for all tracks of cybersecurity.
  • Currently, 3 Editions exist: Home, Acer-Predator, and Wireless.
  • Currently, 2 window managers are available: BSPWM and DWM, and we will add more DEs and WMs.



This Edition is a general purpose operating system with the typical Exodia OS look and feel. This edition is designed for daily use, privacy and software development.


This Edition For Acer Predator Laptops with the typical Exodia OS look and feel, Keyboard RGB change based on the selected theme PredatorSense pre-installed to control CPU/GPU Fan, Keyboard RGB


This Edition is For penetration testing (and especially for Wireless PenTesting) come with 400+ pre-installed Tools For PenTesting(and 130+ For Wireless PenTesting).



Microsoft PowerShell pre-installed
pre-configured with Oh My Posh.

TUI Apps

support a whole bunch of TUI Apps
RUN pacman -Sg Exodia-TUI-Apps
to list all available apps

Files Templates

help you to create coding files
like C, C++, web Dev, python, etc...
and more Files Templates.


supporting ElKowars wacky widgets(EWW)
comes with EWW pre-installed/configured


Exodia comes zsh pre-installed/configured
zsh is the default shell

Predator Sense App

a kernel module to control keyboard RGB & fan speed in Linux for Acer Predator Laptops
there are 2 apps CLI and GUI

CyberSecurity Tools

support tools for all cyber security fields
using Blackarch Repos & Exodia Repos


supporting both BIOS & UEFI

Calamares Installer

Exodia uses Calamares Installer to facilitate the installation process

Rolling Release

always up-to-date


supporting AUR Repos (yay)


supporting Plymouth
exodia-plymouth theme is available